From Nukes to Fusion

Spoken Word PosterAfter pitching a story involving nuclear threat, I’ve just completed three “spoken word” videos for Fusion. Fusion’s Miriam Swaffield has recently been taking her poetry around churches in the UK and after being asked many times for a copy of the material, decided to make each piece into a video for churches to use this Christmas.

The result was a shoot on two consecutive cold October evenings, great for lending atmospheric truth to Miriam’s “It’s cold tonight / I can see my breath”, not so great for Miriam herself, who spent a long time out in the actual cold, seeing her actual breath and wishing she couldn’t.

However, Miriam is a phenomenal performer and it was this that made the shoots, though cold, tiring and at times wet, a real joy. Every take was a good one and for a time limited project that was invaluable, bolstering our enthusiasm as we worked.

Another “shout out” must go to our mutual friends Ben and Jacqui, who lent us their new baby without batting an eyelid, a rarity indeed and an absolute gift to us. Both of their children have now played the role of Jesus in his infancy, it must run in the family!

Fusion have produced some fantastic media and I was pretty chuffed that Miriam chose Dark Glass to help her to create these videos. If you have no idea who Fusion are, why not take a look at their website. You can also watch the videos below.

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