Fearfully Made – 2020

Fearfully Made poster

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When Arthur’s wife, Maggie, is taken into a nursing home, his daughter buys him a care robot. Frustrated by his lack of independence, Arthur is no fan of his new ‘carer’, but things take a darker turn when she begins to block his attempts to call Maggie. Desperate to make contact and feeling like a prisoner in his own home, Arthur plans to escape to the nursing home to be with Maggie again.

Fearfully made enjoyed a successful festival run during 2021, picking up numerous nominations and awards including Best Sci-fi Short at phoenix’s International Horror & Sci-fi Film Festival, Best UK Short Film at Fisheye Film Festival and Best Accompanying Script at Wild Indie.

Fearfully Made was written and directed by Dark Glass’ Jamie Foreman and was made in Yorkshire at the Northern Film School, part-funded by Dark Glass Pictures.

Film Concepts

Artifice – 2018

Words are powerful. Concept for a tragic romance between two very different robots. Humanoid AI and social outcast Lex uses his language program to allow him to communicate with decommissioned factory arm ‘Mai’. However, miscommunication threatens their dreams of a unified AI haven.

Blade’s Edge -2017

A mother struggles to come to terms with who her son is, as public opinion of him sours. Blade’s Edge pits the corrosive power of the echo-chambers that surround us against the power of blood ties and love. Told predominantly through the relationship between protagonist Mary and her best friend Elizabeth, the film explores Mary’s journey after renouncing her son, seeing her build a rationale to justify the rejection and taking her to the brink of betrayal, only to witness him perform a miracle she cannot ignore. Caught between the pragmatism of her friend, the ideology of her son’s opponents and the vitriol of the press, Mary is ultimately left with a choice: continue to reject her son as mad, which offers a form of protection for them both, or stand by him, endangering herself and giving up any power to save him.